Interactive Workstations
The Cloud Workstation App and the CWIC (Cloud Workstation in Container) App set up a job allowing you to SSH into the worker running the job and use the worker as a workstation in the cloud.
Cloud Workstation
Work within the DNAnexus app execution environment (AEE)
Work within a docker container integrated with dockerhub and quay
SSH into AEE
SSH into Docker container
Access files on DNAnexus through dx download
Access files on DNAnexus through the filesystem interface based on dxFUSE
Build and debug DNAnexus native apps
Scale out your interactive analysis on DNAnexus with a single command
Cloud workstation environment can be customized with a DNAnexus-hosted snapshot
CWIC restarts in the latest saved docker environment for a given project
Save your work environment in a portable Docker container that can run on your laptop, your HPC cluster or in a WDL workflow
Publicly available
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