Description on how the Histogram tile is calculated in the Cohort Browser.

How to Build a Histogram

A Histogram can be built to visualize numerical fields. You can recognize numerical fields by the
label in the field list. The same fields can also be visualized using a Box Plot.
Supported Field Types
Numerical (Integer)
Numerical (Float)

Using a Histogram in the Cohort Browser

Below is an example of a histogram visualizing the data field Age:
Histogram: Age
Bins are auto-calculated based on the distribution of the dataset and the axis are always distributed linearly.

Histogram in Cohort Compare

In compare mode, histograms share an axis and overlay one another:

Notes on Data Preparation

Ingestion Data Types supported as Histogram:
    Integer Sparse
    Float Sparse
    Date Sparse
    Datetime Sparse
While sparse serial types are supported as fields, the non-numeric values are not included as part of this chart type. Special values in the numerical dimension however will be counted and shown separately as a list view.
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