Billing and Account Management

Upgrading Accounts and Changing Billing Information

In order to be able to store and analyze datasets at scale, users will need to upgrade their accounts. You can do this either by entering billing information manually or by joining an organization.

Manually Adding a Billing Account

Users have the option to upgrade at any point during their use of DNAnexus by clicking the Upgrade Now link in the upper right corner.

Users can also upgrade by going into the Billing Account section of their profile and clicking the Upgrade Your Account button.

If you would like to upgrade your account to be billed on a regular basis, you will need to provide the contact information of somebody responsible for your department's financial records. Click on the Upgrade Now link in the upper right corner to access the upgrade dialog.

You will need to verify that you agree to the terms of service for the DNAnexus platform, confirm your information, and enter the information for the person who will receive the bills for your usage of the platform.

Once you click the Upgrade Account button, an email will be sent to the billing email address asking for confirmation. Your account will not be upgraded until the billing recipient activates the confirmation link contained in the email.

Changing Billing Information

If you have previously given DNAnexus billing information and wish to change it, go to the Billing Account section of your profile. You will see a notification that your billing information has been confirmed and updating it will send a new email to the billing email address.

Once you submit new billing information, a new message will be sent to the billing email address requiring confirmation. Until the confirmation link in that email is clicked, your bills will be sent to the old billing address.

Setting a Default Billing Account

Your default billing account is the primary account that will be used for creating projects and performing other billable actions. To set your default billing account, go to the Billing Accounts section of your profile. There you will see one or more accounts that are available to you, and you can set any account to your default billing account by clicking the "Default" button near the account name. Most users will have their own personal account set as the default (meaning the user him or herself is responsible for any charges incurred), but some users may have an org set as their initial default billing account.

When Your Account is Out of Funds

If your default billing account is out of funds (or your trial account has expired), you may not be able to perform certain actions such as creating a new project or running analyses. You have several options when your default billing account is out of funds.

  1. You can add billing information to your default account. Any actions billed to this account henceforth will be charged monthly according to charges incurred for that month.

  2. You can increase the funds available to your billing account (see below).

  3. You can switch to another account that still has funds. If you don't have any accounts with available funds, many actions will be restricted.

Changing Your Spending Limit

If you are the admin of an organization, or the account is your own personal billing account, you should see an "Increase" link where the spending limit is listed:

Clicking this link to specify a new spending limit for the organization which will route a message to DNAnexus for approval.