Billing and Account Management

In order to be able to store and analyze datasets at scale, you need to upgrade your account or join an organization.

Access and Update Billing Information

Accessing billing information

  1. Click on your user icon in the top right corner of your screen.

  2. Select Billing from the dropdown menu. A list of billing accounts will appear on the screen.

Updating billing account

  1. Follow the steps above, and then click on the arrow in the bottom right corner of the account that you wish to update the billing information for.

  2. Click the Set Up Billing button that appears when the account details box expands.

  3. Follow the instructions that appear on screen to update your billing information.

The account details box allows you to access the "Set Up Billing" button.

By setting up billing information for your account, you are designating someone as responsible to receive and pay the DNAnexus invoices that result from usage of your account. The responsible party can be you, someone in your organization's finance department, or someone else. Once you click the Confirm Billing button, an email is sent to the email address of the person you’ve designated as the new billing contact. This email requests that the recipient confirm acceptance of responsibility for receiving and paying invoices covering usage charges. Until DNAnexus receives this confirmation, billing contact information will not be updated.

The contact will receive an email to confirm that they are a designated billing contact.

Changing Your Default Billing Account

Your default billing account is the primary account that will be used for creating projects and performing other billable actions.

  1. To set your default billing account, go to the Billing section of your profile.

  2. Click on the arrow below the name of the the billing account you wish to select.

  3. Click on the text that says Set as Default that appears when the account summary section expands.

Often users will have their own personal account set as the default (meaning that the user is responsible for any charges incurred), and so may want to make an org the default billing account.

Increasing Funds in Your Account

If your default billing account is out of funds, you may not be able to perform certain actions such as creating a new project, adding data, creating a new workflow, or running analyses.

If you are the admin of an organization, or the account is your own personal billing account, you will see an Increase Spending Limit button where the spending limit is listed:

Clicking this link to specify a new spending limit for the organization which will route a message to DNAnexus for approval.

We recommend that you forward a purchase order from your company to [email protected] to facilitate your request, and include your platform ID in the message.

If you are not the admin, contact your org admin.