What's New (June 2022)

App Upgrades

We’ve upgraded several apps that are widely used on the Platform. We now offer version 4.7.1. of the popular Swiss Army Knife app, which features REGENIE 3.1 and a range of other useful tools. Cloud Workstation 2.1.2 is also now available, incorporating a series of upgrades to snapshot functionality. Finally, we’ve released version 2.0.0 of the AWS S3 File Exporter, featuring security upgrades and a wider array of upload options. For full details on the new versions of each app, click through to the in-product app details pages, via the links above.

Combine and Compare Cohorts

Cohort Browser users can now create complex cohorts by combining existing cohorts based on the same dataset. Complex cohorts can represent the union or intersection of existing cohorts, include only those subjects unique to one of them, or only those that are in the first selected cohort and not another. Cohort Browser users can also now compare a cohort with its complement in the dataset. For more information, see this detailed overview.

Using the DNAnexus Platform

Get to know features you’ll use every day, in a series of short, task-oriented tutorials.
Learn to access and use the Platform via both its command-line interface and its user interface.
Learn to manage data, users, and work on the Platform, via its API. Create and share reusable pipelines, applications for analyzing data, custom viewers, and workflows.
This section is targeted towards organizational leads who have the permission to enable others to use DNAnexus for scientific purposes. Operations include managing organization permissions, billing, and authentication to the platform.
Download, install, and get started using the DNAnexus Platform SDK, the DNAnexus upload and download agents, and dxCompiler.
Get details on new features, changes, and bug fixes for each Platform and toolkit release.
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