Rebase Cohorts and Dashboards
Note: This is intended only for customers with a DNAnexus Apollo license and Org approval (if applicable). Contact [email protected] for more information.
dx run rebase_cohorts_and_dashboards (use -h for help)
The Rebase Cohorts and Dashboards app provides a simple way to move cohorts or dashboard views from one Dataset to another. This app assumes that all of the fields used in the cohort definitions and dashboard view layout exist in the target Dataset and, if they do not, the new cohorts and dashboard views will fail during analysis use. As this app runs, new cohorts and dashboard views are generated that can be used for stand-alone use and/or integrated use with existing Datasets and downstream tools such as the Cohort Browser, JupyterLab, analysis apps, and custom developer-led initiatives.



The Clinical Dataset Merger app requires the following, as general input:
  • Target Dataset - The Dataset on which the new cohorts and/or dashboard views will be created.
  • Cohorts - (Optional) One or more cohort records that will be rebased.
  • Dashboards - (Optional) One or more dashboard view records that will be rebased.
  • Suffix - (Optional) A suffix appended at the end of any object name generated. This is glued to the name of the object: e.g. suffix = “v3” and my cohort is “test cohort” the output name is “test cohortv3”.
See app documentation on the platform for further granular configurations.


  1. 1.
    A validation is run to ensure that at least one cohort or dashboard view is provided.
  2. 2.
    Sequentially the app works through each cohort and/or dashboard view updating the details of the record based on the target Dataset.
  3. 3.
    Once all of the records are processed, the newly created cohort and/or dashboard view is returned to the user.


  • Cohorts - (Optional) One or more newly created cohort records that mirror the input cohort but are based on the target Dataset.
  • Dashboards - (Optional) One or more newly created dashboard view records that mirror the input dashboard view but are based on the target Dataset.

Best Practices

  1. 1.
    This app is meant to be run by someone familiar with the Dataset the cohort and dashboard view are based on, the target Dataset and all items being rebased. This app has very little validation and can create invalid cohorts if the Fields no longer exist or no longer match the expected schema.
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