Release Notes

Release for 03-Dec-2019

  • Additional instances types added for DB Cluster

  • File archiving in China

  • UI changes

  • File archiving refactoring

  • Apollo: filter options

  • Apollo: Looker sunset

No Release for 26-Nov-2019

No Release for 19-Nov-2019

No Release for 12-Nov-2019

Release for 05-Nov-2019

  • Refactoring User Interface to include SSL headers

  • Pages listing org-admins moved to the Pannexin user interface

  • Enable GPU instances in China cloud

  • Refactoring of the DB Cluster code

  • Refactoring of the file archiving code

  • Apollo: Minor refactoring of code and documentation

Release for 29-Oct-2019

  • Extended refactoring of file archiving in areas such as timeouts, increased efficiencies, etc.

  • Add license checks to ensure files can be downloaded

  • Refactoring of the cohort browser user interface.

  • Horizontally scaling CloudManager to handle more concurrent workers by sharding within each instance type.

  • Release of autoscaling of the authorization server to allow for high availability as the usage increases

  • Apollo: Refactoring of select queries, trimming of caches, etc.

Release for 22-Oct-2019

  • Refactoring of billing code with respect to file archiving (internal functionality)

  • Additional code to ensure the filenames of files to be archived have not already been archived

  • Apollo: refactoring of Basic 2 variable charts

No Release for 15-Oct-2019

Release for 08-Oct-2019

  • Refactoring self-service archiving, including the user interface and checks to make sure the files to be archived have not been deleted since the archiving process started

  • Refactoring the CloudManager on AWS to handle more concurrent workers (via load balancers)

  • User Interface refactoring in pannexin for the cohort browser and customer-specific browsers

  • Apollo: minor refactoring for database support on Azure.

Release for 01-Oct-2019

  • Refactoring of the backend systems supporting Titan, including bugfixes for improvements, customer-specific user interface encements

  • Apollo: Additional code buildout for local processing on Azure clouds, removal of code to acess Looker (depracated visualization module).

Release for 24-Sep-2019

  • Refactoring of the user interface for improvements, customers-specific user interfaces.

  • Apollo: code buildout for local processing on Azure clouds, improvements in the cohort browser

Release for 17-Sep-2019

  • User Interface changes, including the overall look and feel, ain project folders and data selector.

  • Refactoring in Titan, including refactoring Mongo queries, additional internal error messages, etc.

  • Refactoring in Apollo around documentation and Mongo queries

Release for 10-Sep-2019

  • Add authentication token and labels at the end of the human readable audit trail

  • Change and add new instance clases (c.3.xlarge becomes c5.xlarge; new instance c5.9xlarge)

  • Horizontal scaling of CloudManager to handle more concurrent workers (AWS only)

  • Apollo: Minor refactoring of code supporting the viz server, API servers for list of folders and dxdownload support

No Release for 03-Sep-2019

Release for 27-Aug-2019

  • Minor changes to the Platform U(ser) I(nterface) to support the use of the visualization server in Apollo

  • Backend ability to push object to the archive (AWS only)

  • Apollo: Minor changes to the vizserver (visualization server)

Release for 20-Aug-2019

  • Refactoring dbcluster - fix where dbcluster gets stuck in "creating fix" step

  • HITRUST certification received

  • Feature switches - internally focused on billing

  • Audit Log filenames - only for customers with "human readable" audit logs, files will have a prefix of YYMMDD to allow natural collation

  • Apollo - revisions to cohort browser to enable multi-cohort charts

  • Apollo - integrate additional variant annotation sources

Release for 13-Aug-2019

  • Refactoring dbcluster code

  • Refactoring of job manager user interface - should be faster

  • Cleanup of the backend (not accessible to users) for Chart Builder, including support for importing CSV files

  • Apollo: Cleanup and removal of mapping of Spark (full transfer to Spark 2.2)

No Release for 6-Aug-2019

No Release for 30-Jul-2019

No Release for 23-Jul-2019

Release for 09-Jul-2019

  • User Interface - removing featured projects when there are no projects

  • Refactoring internal docker code

  • Refactoring internal dbcluster code

  • Apollo: batching filesystem deletes

No Release for 2-Jul-2019

Release for 25-Jun-2019

  • Refactoring of memory lead issues related to file closers

  • Refactoring of user interface for samples management

  • Moving wiki links hardcoded into the UI to the site

  • Apollo: SQS queuing for vizsync service

  • Apollo: users can add multi-variate charts to the cohort browser

Release for 18-Jun-2019

  • Apollo: Extending API Service module to obtain the SQL query from the Visualization Server

  • Apollo: Refactoring of occasional 404 error from the Thrift Server

  • Add DBCusterStart (relational database functionality) in CloudWatch

  • Refactoring to correct asserion error when using findDataObjects when using SortBy filed.

  • Expanded damemon to abandoned deleted files from a maximum of 1024 files to unlimited, after initial warning

  • Refactoring race conditions in jobs finding files in workstation.

  • Refactoring code for the community selector when the user has no communities

  • Migrating Jenkins nucleus jobs from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04

  • Downloading is stopped if the customer's account is out of money

Release for 11-Jun-2019

  • Apollo Refactoring: Disable functions that are no longer used (e.g. reload function and getFunctions)

  • Apollo Refactoring: Fix dataset sync for visualization between the API server and visualization serve

  • Apollo Refactoring: Log the start/end time between API calls

  • Apollo Refactoring: Fix the project feature access check

  • Move lambda functions from node 6.10 (end of life) to 10.x

  • Remove project file closer locking as this is no longer necessary

  • Move lambda functions from node 6.10 (end of life) to 10.x

  • Add archival billing events to stream to the billing apps

  • Modify community login and registration pages to current branding as well as hidRegistration option

  • Fix the page loading of Internet Explorer 11 (11.1087.16299.0) as well as an older version of IE (11.0.9600.1784.eIS)

Release for 03-Jun-2019

  • Apollo - Code to support sharding of relational databases. Default will be "off"

  • Apollo - SQL fixes to Looker

  • Apollo - Removing default of using vizservr as the default visualization service. User will need to specify visualization server

  • Refactoring header authorization in the user interface

  • Refactoring the code supporting community links on the Platform user interface

  • Update dx-toolkit to 0.281.0

  • Fix the internal tagging of the docker images on the Platform

No Release for 28-May-2019

Release for 20-May-2019

  • Minor revisions to the navigation bar in the header

  • Internal replacement of the MongoDB sotrage system from MMAP technology to WiredTiger technology

  • Refactoring of unarchive functionality

  • Slight styles changes to the navigation bar (no changes to the functionaly). User interface will move to v4 of WebPack.

  • Apollo - bring your own database (BYOD) to now include JDBC drivers for Postgres, msSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Amazon Redshift and Oracle

  • Apollo - security update for Looker

Release for 14-May-2019

  • Slight changes to the Platform toolbar

  • Okta SSO account migration

  • Refactoring costing model for the arcidAT command

  • Refactoring of archive

  • Create docker service skeleton

  • Apollo move throttle to the server

Release for 07-May-2019

  • Refactoring of workiner execution for slow jobs

  • Refactoring of nucleus issues (fix of eventconsumer logging defect)

  • Cohort Browser is move to the standard Platform interface

  • Apollo refactoring to return runtime file-ID from dashboards for saving cohorts

  • Apollo Looker security update from v5.16.13 to v6.8.27 (latest)

  • Refactoring LXC address documented change from LXC 2.0.8 to LXC 2.0.11

  • Added larger instance type c5d.9xlarge

  • Fixed NVIDIA driver load for p3.2xlarge instances

Release for 30-Apr-2019

  • Clean up execserver code to address log truncation

  • Enable /dev /tmpfs setup and clean up LXC

  • Add archivedAt timestamp during the CloudArchival process

  • Apollo - pooling http client connectiopns for APIserver calls

  • Apollo - refactor connection pool configurations for APIserver client on thrift and metastore

  • Pannexin Tool Library Changes: improvements to the Tools Library, new user experience for the Tool Library whereby the information in /apps will be contained /panx/tools. /apps will go away; Tools Library now includes Global Workflows; Apps and Global Workflows launched through Tools Library will load in the new Tool Runner by default.

  • Enable trusted org-admins to lock/unlock, reset MFA for their org users.

Release for 23-Apr-2019

  • Web user interface can now run global workflows

  • Additional fixes to DBCluster

  • Provide a public IP address per worker on the Azure environment

  • Port of Jobmanager to a docker build base, which is based on Alpine

  • Upgrade Docker to 18.09.5. Simplify docker install

  • Separate the license from Jupyter Lab from Apollo so they can be licensed separately

  • Refactoring of code for the cloud archival containers

Release for 16-Apr-2019

  • Integrate JupyterLab into the menu functionality of the web interface for the Platform

  • Increase Node.js memory limit for the job log archiver service.

  • Implement a container function to manage the archive process.

  • Refactoring of Apollo code to address issues

Release for 09-Apr-2019

  • Refactoring of findProject API call

  • Support loading and interactive querying of full whole exome samples in Apollo

  • Unique ID of the Thrift Server used written to the audit log (Apollo)

  • Support for single node spark clustger (instead of requiring a minumum of 2 nodes; Apollo)

  • Updating the DNAnexus logos to new branding, primarily on CSS sheets of web pages

  • Detect and report worker filesystem errors in the worker log file

  • Refactoring of code to make sure archiving does not include symlinks

  • fix for datbase sort memory limit with findProject memory limitation

Release for 02-Apr-2019

  • File leve archive for API and CLI support to archive and unarchive files, folders and projects

  • Fix to completely delete the files in scope on Auzre

  • Fixes for the internal dbCluster database files

  • Pooling fo services on Apollo so that small jobs doe not get caught behind large jobs.

  • Tuning of Prometheus sensing software

Release for 26-Mar-2019

  • Apollo refactoring of reconnection, fix for ORC file formats and fix to make sure the error messages are correct.

  • Platform to restrict the running ot HTTPS apps

  • Platform to upgrade NVIDIA driver on relevant workers

  • Drone moved to the same VPC as Artifactory (no functionality change)

  • Implement new billing eents database

  • fixes to bill for file archiving

No Release for 18-Mar-2019

No Release for 12-Mar-2019

Release for 05-Mar-2019

  • Refactoring of the MongoDB timeout parameters

  • Removing obsolete job group logging code from Apollo

  • Refactoring of filter in the getUSER api call

Release for 26-Feb-2019

  • Refactoring the m3.medium ephemeral disk space issue

  • fixing learna for archiving common packages

  • Updating the unarchived API logic

  • adding autoscape hosts to perform platform_pilot_status

No Release for 19-Feb-2019

No Release for 12-Feb-2019

Release for 05-Feb-2019

  • Adding internal metrics and alerts to the internal audit trails from the Platform.

  • Refactoring the error handling in the MongoDB for metadata storage

  • Phase out usage of describeSpotInstanceRequests as this is no longer being used

Release for 28-Jan-2019

  • Refactor internal account for cluster jobs

  • Refactor the file status caching logic for Apollo

Release for 21-Jan-2019

  • Refactor internal authentication server

  • Refactoring Azure-specific code for the Platform to make more efficient.

Release for 15-Jan-2019

  • Refactoring the filecloser functionality to address bugs.

  • Additional monitoring code with Prometheus added to file uploader.

  • Continued migration of existing SSO users to Okta SSO

Release for 08-Jan-2019

  • Concurrent Org Worker Limits:All orgs that do not have custom concurent worker limits will default to a maximum of 500 concurrent workers.

  • Refactoring of API servers for Okta tokens (impacts only customers moving to Okta SSO)

  • Refactoring of Nucleus for compatibility with MongoDB 3.4

  • Refactoring to fix bugs in dx_download

No Release for 01-Jan-2019

No Release for 25-Dec-2018

Release for 18-Dec-2018

  • Updates to the SCIM server for specific customers to integrate with the DNAnexus Platform Okta authentication server (no impact for all other customers)

Release for 11-Dec-2018

  • Deprecated command line interface (CLI) commands "dx sh" and "dx exit"

  • Internal refactoring of code, including adding internal monitoring and alerting functionality

Release for 04-Dec-2018

  • Added i18n/I10n support to allow the user interface to recognize the user's language selection

Release for 27-Nov-2018

  • Refactoring external API servers to support Ubuntu 16.04 and configure for autoscaling

  • Ability of the user to archive without requiring support intervention (AWS-East only)

  • Augmentation of the MongoDB server with AWS Aurora server (AWS only) for select customers

  • Support for HTTPS access for JupyterLab

No Release for 20-Nov-2018

Release for 13-Nov-2018

  • Updated the download proxy service to handle large volume of big files

  • Movement of SSO functionality from the internal Auth Server to Okta for an existing customer

Release for 06-Nov-2018

  • Custom expiration dates on tokens

  • User's profile now allows email preferences

  • Turned on the load balancer on the internal API server.

Release for 30-Oct-2018

  • Upgraded the nginx webserver to V15

  • Refactoring of the job manager to a high availability status

  • Allowing users to see the public symlink URL

  • Upgrade to REACT to V16 of the Javascript library

Release for 23-Oct-2018

  • Removed the social media links on the landing page of the Platform

  • Alerts to org admins when the audit trail is turned off (a configuration setting)

No Release for 16-Oct-2018

Release for 9-Oct-2018

  • Deployment of the Apollo functionality of the Translational Informatics Suite to appropriately licensed users

  • Refactoring code for data egress

No Release for 1-Oct-2018

Release for 25-Sep-2018

  • Refactoring of the beta-Apollo code (Translational Informatics Suite)

  • Refactoring of data egress functionality