Release Notes

Get details on new features, changes, and bug fixes for each Platform and toolkit release.

No Release for 19-Sep-2023

Release for 12-Sep-2023

  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • Fixes to the deletion queue services
  • Apollo: Vizserver fixes

Release for 29-Aug-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers and lambdas
  • Expansion of the security ciphers for data in transit to includ 1.2 and 1.3
  • Titan: Fixes to project spending limit reporting, dbclusters
  • Apollo: upgrade to SQLAlchemy 1.4 and optimizations on the query builder for somatic variant analysis.

Release for 22-Aug-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers and lambdas
  • Support for canonical transcript annotation
  • Efficiency optimization for the object deletion process, replacing open source code that is reaching end of life
  • Apollo: internal changes to support new internal digital signatures (Supply Chain related)

Release for 15-Aug-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers
  • Disallowed executables will not disable any workflows containing these disallowed executables
  • Fixes in the UI for Tool Runner
  • Apollo: Performance enhancements for the Vizserver

Release for 08-Aug-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers
  • Fixes to long running jobs logs, refactoring logic for email arising from job notificiations and minor UI fixes

Release for 01-Aug-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers
  • Fixes for orphan projects, access to long running jobs, and minor UI fixes
  • Apollo: security patching of libraries

Release for 25-Jul-2023

  • Vulnerability patches for Docker containers
  • Fixes to airlock, granular long job notifications, access to long running jobs, fixes to spending limit controls and fixes for the file closer lambda
  • Fixes to the Tool Runner UI for WDL workflows

Release for 18-Jul-2023

  • Patching known vulnerabilities in Docker containers and EC2 instances, workers, etc.
  • Fixeds to the authentication token deleter and enforcement of egress limits
  • Support for canonical transcripts, genomic data loading for somatic variants, CLI access for the somatic assay model. Project Level Usage Reports (limited release)
  • Apollo fixes for: updated generates SQL queries and other fixes.

Release for 11-Jul-2023

  • Patching known vulnerabilities in Docker containers
  • Batch runner and Tool Runner update on the web interface, resulting in a significant change in the UI and behavior
  • Updated worker toolkits
  • Project spend limitation reporting (licensed feature)
  • Bugfixes in org-admin notifications, Azure cloud manager and other bugfixes

Release for 27-Jun-2023

  • Patching known vulnerabilities in Docker containers
  • Fixes to egress and compute charge reporting
  • Fixes to job restart functionality and long running job notifications
  • Apollo: fixes to enforce the 5 minute query timeouts

Release for 20-Jun-2023

  • Airlock functionality added for Trusted Research Environments (TREs)
  • Bug fixes to job restarts, project spend processes and fixes to the back button of the Community Portal
  • Increase the size of the job log from 2M to 4M
  • Security patches to Docker containers
  • Apollo: minor bug fixes in the somatic variant functionality and error reporting

Release for 13-Jun-2023

  • Security patching of vulnerabilities on Docker containers and EC2 instances
  • Detailed job metrics (limited release through the balance of the year)
  • Apollo: bugfixes and infrastructure upgrades. Support for multi-assay support for Genetic Variant assays

Release for 06-Jun-2023

  • Security patching for Docker containers
  • Better error messaging for users authenticating via SSO
  • Project admins will be notified via email when their project has crossed thresholds of metadata capacity
  • Preserve intermediate job outputs to aid in error tracking
  • Fixes to job restart issues, better error mesages

Release for 23-May-2023

  • Security patching for Docker containers
  • Fix for Community UI - after 15 minute timeout, the user is correctly redirected to the Community login page
  • Apollo: Deprecate the apps association loader feature, extend the timeout for complext data fetches to 5 minutes

Release for 16-May-2023

  • Security patching for Docker containers, lambdas and EC2 instances
  • Fixes to cloud manager and UI redirect issues
  • Apollo: support for large scale database operations (important for handling WGS data)

Release for 09-May-2023

  • Security patching Docker containers
  • Titan: fixes to known issues
  • Apollo: fixes to issues, such as internal ID, return timeout errors from long running data fetches to vizserver

Release for 25-Apr-2023

  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • Continuing the migration of the DNS to AWS' Route53, refactoring known issues
  • Apollo: fixes to the query builder

Release for 18-Apr-2023

  • Security patching of Docker containers and applications
  • Changes in the EBS swap volume with gp2 and SSD instances to fix known issues
  • Apollo: fixes to the vizserver to allow more database access

Release for 04-Apr-2023

  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • Ubuntu 22.04 AMIs available on both AWS and Azure execution planes
  • Apollo: upgrades to the Spark server and related package updates

Release for 28-Mar-2023

  • Deprecating Javascript monitoring
  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • Changes to the User Interface to become CWAG 2.0 AA compliant
  • Apollo: refactoring known issues, including large query handling by default

Release for 21-Mar-2023

  • Refactoring of the asynchronous archive services
  • Refactoring of the job re-use and support workflow (e.g., WDL)
  • Apollo: Refactoring of the geno filters for the command line interface

Release for 14-Mar-2023

  • Security patching for Docker and VMs
  • Refactoring of job restart, asyncrhonous archival and UI backend changes
  • Apollo: Spark server upgrades, Python upgrades

Release for 07-Mar-2023

  • Security patching on Docker containers and lambdas
  • Fixes for job preservation functionality

Release for 28-Feb-2023

  • Security patching for Docker container, lambdas and Ubuntu instances
  • Fixes to the Titan file uploader and cosmetic changes to the UI in the input components
  • Apollo: deprecation of the Association Browser

No Release for 21-Feb-2023

Release for 14-Feb-2023

  • Monthly security patching for Ubuntu instances, patching of vulnerabilities for Docker containers and AWS lambdas
  • Migration of platform service instances from Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 or 20.04 when not possible to fully migrate
  • UI fix to SSO users who are confronted with separate MFA prompt
  • Apollo: fix issues in dxfuse

Release for 07-Feb-2023

  • Granular wait time for spot instances for workflows (subscriber licensees only)
  • Docker container security patching
  • Refactoring of job refuse to support workflows (e.g., WDL)
  • Refactoring of known issues in Titan including s3deleter, spot granlarity issues, expansion of the metadata capacity in the describe API call, UI fixes to SSO users
  • Refactor of known issues in the initial login of the thrift cluster, more granularity in log reporting

Release for 31-Jan-2023

  • Patching of Docker container vulnerabilities
  • Titan: Fixes to the UI and s3deleter functionality
  • Apollo: fixes to enforcing region boundaries and API proxy issues

Release for 24-Jan-2023

  • Workflow Job Reuse will be deprecated completely, replaced with functionality elsewhere
  • Change GiB to GB e in the job disk comparison
  • Added new functionality to Titan, specifically:
    • DNA_API_PROVIDER_PERMISSION_RESTRICTIONS - Project/org restrictions should be enforced based on the provider constraint options choice
    • DNA_API_PROVIDER_DATA_CLONING_RESTRICTIONS - User is not able to clone data from restricted to unrestricted project or from restricted to restricted project with different studyID
    • DNA_API_PROVIDER_JOB_RESTRICTIONS - Restriction on building tools into the project from the user's computer or analyses
  • FastQC app (v2.2.3 and earlier) is deprecated
  • NextFlow - GA to a limited set of users
  • Added new functionality to Apollo, specifically:
    • TIP_DATA_ACCESS_PROJECT_RESTRICTIONS - The system can limit users access to data based on project settings and license
    • TIP_DATA_DISPENSAL - User is able to create project containing data specified by studyID

Release for 10-Jan-2023

  • New Titan Functionality
    • DNA_API_INTERNET_JOB_RESTRICTIONS - Data providers are able restrict the internet access for jobs running in Trusted Research Environment (TRE) projects in order to prevent egress of sensitive data from the TRE
    • DNA_API_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_RESTRICTIONS - Project admin is able to restrict users ability to upload data into trusted research environment (TRE) projects outside of the jobs running in the TRE
    • DNA_GUI_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_ACCESS_RESTRICTED - User is not able to upload files into the External Upload restricted project
    • DNA_GUI_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_ALLOWED_FILE_UPLOAD - User is able to upload files into the External Upload allowed project
    • DNA_GUI_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_PROJECT_SETTING - User can change External Upload Access setting
    • DNA_GUI_JUPYTERLAB_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_RESTRICTED - External upload options are not available in JupyterLab job running over the External Upload restricted project
    • DNA_API_OFH_PROJECT_CREATE - User is able to create new project with data dispense or without data dispense option
    • DNA_GUI_OFH_PROJECT_CREATE - User is able to create new project with data dispense or without data dispense option
    • DNA_GUI_OFH_CREATE_ACCOUNT - User is able to create new account via OFH Landing page
    • DNA_GUI_OFH_USER_ASSOCIATION - User is able to make association of DNAnexus and AMS account
    • DNA_GUI_OFH_USER_2FA - User is prompted to set 2FA and it is not possible to remove it
    • DNA_GUI_OFH_USER_BILLING_INFO - User has XX GBP billing trial balance and default region is Azure OFH-TRE (London) after successful association
  • G5 GPU workers available in specific cloud
  • Apollo bug fixes: Fix for license and region checks
  • New Apollo Functionality
    • TIP_JOB_INTERNET_RESTRICTION - The system is able to restrict internet access in worker jobs
    • TIP_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_RESTRICTIONS - Upload restricted projects have limited access
  • Titan bug fixes: Updates for the API server and Azure Cloud Manager. Fix of granularity for spot instances, fix of race condition for hard links updates; archival state fixes
  • Docker Container vulnerability patching

Release for 13-Dec-2022

  • DNAnexus is on AWS' Marketplace, so if you have AWS-issued credits, you can consume them via this mechanism!
  • Vulnerability patching of worker AMIs and Docker containers
  • Fixes to the external uploader restrictions, code cleanup
  • Apollo: Fixes to the Visualisation Server and API server. Cleanup of error messages

Release for 06-Dec-2022

  • Vulnerability remediation of Docker vulnerabilities
  • Completion of the annual SSL cert rotation
  • Apollo: fixes to the metastore, fixes to the clipboard functionality in the visualization module and other bugfixes

Release for 29-Nov-2022

  • Complete migration to new SSL certificates throughout the infrastructure
  • Bugfixes for billing, upload restrictions and SSO logins will no longer be redirected to the Project Page
  • Apollo: fixes to encryption of upload URLs in the API proxy and other minor fixes

Release for 15-Nov-2022

  • Security patching of the Titan User interface
  • Upgrading upload restrictions at the project level
  • Patching Docker containers to address new vulnerabilities
  • Apollo: updating SSL certs and refacting app interactions

Release for 08-Nov-2022

  • Docker security patching and hardening
  • User Interface security patching
  • Apollo: bugfixes, library updates, security patching

Release for 01-Nov-2022

  • Update OpenSSL v3 to 3.0.7 patch level
  • Patching Docker containers and CIS level 1 hardening
  • Fixes of known Titan issues
  • Apollo: bugfixes to known issues.

Release for 25-Oct-2022

  • Code optimization, bugfixes in the User Interface
  • Vulnerability patching for docker containers
  • Apollo: fix API proxy issues, regex fixes for routes and other fixes.

Release for 18-Oct-2022

  • Security patching of operating system and Docker containers
  • Additional Nextflow functionality added to Titan and Apollo

Release for 04-Oct-2022

  • Bugfixes to Titan and Apollo
  • Docker vulnerability patching

Release for 27-Sep-2022

  • Fix for 2FA prompt for existing SSO accounts
  • Fix for Jupyter Notebook calls
  • Fix to block archiving of object linked to applets
  • Vulnerability patching of Docker containers
  • Apollo: upgrades to the internal cache and related internal upgrades

Release for 20-Sep-2022

  • Filecloser, asynchronous archival function, and API proxy bug fixes
  • Internal upgrades of the metadata database
  • Apollo: fixes to the cohort browser and fixes to internal API routes

Release for 13-Sep-2022

  • End-to-end FIPS 140-2 validated ciphers within the FedRAMP boundary
  • Bugfixes to the authentication server
  • Apollo: bugfixes to known issues

Release for 23-Aug-2022

  • Hardening of routes behind the User Interface
  • Vulnerability patches to the Docker containers
  • Apollo: Additional granularity to the logging and billing. Cleanup of error messages.

Release for 16-Aug-2022

  • Added Monitoring and Restriction Controls regarding download and egress, ability to preview, IP addresses of users, etc.
  • Bug fixes on streams containing gzipped files
  • Apollo: Fixes to the 30K cohort browser encoding

Release for 09-Aug-2022

  • Complete migration to OpenSSL v3
  • New functionality to restrict IP domains for certain API calls
  • Updates to the NVIDIA drivers for GPU users
  • Increase the partition sizes for LXC
  • Security patching of Docker Containers
  • Apollo: Restrictions to downloads from Apollo

Release for 02-Aug-2022

  • Security patching for Docker Container vulnerabilities
  • Usage report fixes
  • Hardening of routes in the User Interface
  • Increases in timeout period for dxproxy
  • Apollo: enhanced CLI based querying, fixes to HDFS filesystem

Release for 26-Jul-2022

  • Upgrade the metadata database to Mongo 4.4
  • Upgrade node.js to v14
  • fixes to Archiving in AWS regions
  • Apollo: no release

Release for 19-Jul-2022

  • LXC filesystem limit increased
  • Monthly security patching
  • Upgrade for SSO users who switch accounts
  • Apollo: CLI based data querying

Release for 12-Jul-2022

  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • User Interface self-service billing functionality
  • Improved clinical data ingestion experience
  • Apollo: Refactoring of VizServer

Release for 28-Jun-2022

  • Fix of the "create" functionality of DBCluster (AWS deprecated previous engine on 25-Jun-2022)
  • Refactoring of user interface issues
  • Patching security vulnerabilities of EC2 and Docker containers
  • Refactoring issues of the cloud manager on Azure
  • Apollo: Enhance validations and experience around ingesting clinical data

Release for 14-Jun-2022

  • Internal refactoring of reported issues
  • End-to-End FIPS 140-2 validated encryption throughout Titan
  • Vulnerability patching of Docker containers
  • Apollo: refactoring user interface issues

Release for 07-Jun-2022

  • Vulnerability patching for images and Docker Containers
  • Titan new functionality: DNA_API_ORG_REPORT_HISTORICAL_CHARGES
  • Apollo new functionality:
  • Apollo: fixes on Azure deployment; upgrades to the Spark engine.

Release for 23-May-2022

  • Updates to the internal CloudManager and fixes to microservices
  • Vulnerability patching of images and Docker containers
  • UI fixes

Release for 17-May-2022

  • Refactoring of multiple analyses workflows, more info on the spending limits and updates to the cookie notice
  • Security patching of the underlying operating systems and worker AMIs
  • Apollo: no release

Release for 10-May-2022

  • FIPS 140-2 encryption implemented for uploading/downloading from the storage plane
  • Apollo: no release

Release for 03-May-2022

  • Minor fixes and normal vulnerability patching of the User Interfaces and supporting libraries
  • Apollo: minor fixes, including the ability to query without a primary key

Release for 26-Apr-2022

  • Security updates for the infrastructure
  • Backend fixes to support upgrading the metadata database software version upgrades
  • Apollo: Enhancements of existing functionalities to ease the creation of mixing multiple cohorts

Release for 12-Apr-2022

  • Restrictions for SSH functionality
  • Refactoring of known issues related to container cleanup, caching, etc.
  • Apollo: Ability to export up to 200 columns in a table; UI fixes

Release for 05-Apr-2022

  • Tuning to optimize workflow runs
  • Updates to the documentation pages of the applications
  • UI fixes to show app versions in descending order, other minor UI fixes
  • Apollo: refactoring of known issues in the user interface

Release for 29-Mar-2022

  • Order pending jobs by rank
  • Node.js updates
  • Tuning of the thrift server throughput; facilitate the combination of cohorts in the cohort browser.

Release for 22-Mar-2022

  • Fixes to known issues, such as a fix to the scope of unarchiving to better control the scope, updated the internationalization library (fixes for text fields in the UI).
  • Apollo: Refactoring of issues with field mapping and support for ordered fields.

Release for 15-Mar-2022

  • Refactoring the User Interface to address issues, including moving the workflow input to the Project workflow pages.
  • Fixes to the unarchiving functionality, tighter control of scope of the unarchiving
  • Apollo: Refactoring of issues arising from the visualization APIs

Release for 08-Mar-2022

  • Refactoring known issues in the dbcluster, internal changes to FIPS 140-2 validated ciphers, Cloud Manager, fixes to the app updater when archive resources are involved, etc.
  • Updates to community portals - caching is now disabled
  • Apollo: Refactoring of the issue involving model input.

Release for 01-Mar-2022

  • Vulnerability patching of operating systems
  • Fixes to code compatibility to rush.js
  • Support ticket generation will be tagged with the Platform page of origin
  • Apollo: Enhanced support for bulk RNAseq data in a dataset
  • Apollo: Security and version number upgrades of servers
  • Apollo: Removal of autoloading a chart, so the user will be prompted to generate the chart

Release for 15-Feb-2022

  • Implemented FIPS 140-2 validated endpoints for archival functions
  • Bugfixes, such as issues reported in unarchiving function and email org_invite function
  • Updating reCaptcha functionality
  • Apollo: Added functionality to allow a user to incorporate Molecular Expression data into a dataset
  • Apollo: Fixes to issues in Thrift and VizServer.

Release for 08-Feb-2022

  • Update to Node.js v12 for the infrastructure
  • Backend updates to rush.js version in some of the lambdas, revising metadata sharding approach, updates to s3_deleter and minor bugfixes to the User Interface
  • Apollo: Address known bugs, including limiting the number of tiles in the dashboard to a maximum of 15

Release for 01-Feb-2022

  • Bug fixes on job restarts, rush.js updates and increased granularity of data in the audit trail
  • Apollo: in addition to bugfixes, the following functionality was added: TIP_APPS_CLINICAL_DATASET_MERGER - Users will be able to merge phenotypic datasets and TIP_APPS_ASSAY_DATASET_MERGER - Users will be able to merge an assay dataset and a phenotypic dataset

Release for 25-Jan-2022

  • Update of security patches of identified vulnerabilities
  • Spend limit enforcements
  • Enhancements for job filters
  • Updates to the email filters
  • Apollo: fixes to address solution-exception messages, fixes of the update API calls, and removal of blank pages in the User Interface

Release for 11-Jan-2022

  • Service Provider Single Sign On (SSO)
  • User Interface fixes
  • CloudManager enhancements (internal)
  • Apollo: updates and fixes of reported issues

Release for 14-Dec-2021

  • Fixes to Cloud Manager, visibility into the org license for the org-admins
  • Remove all Ubuntu 16.04 instances from production. Ubuntu 16.04 is available at the app level
  • UI fixes to the monitor pages; improve state transition with regard to Jupyter Notebooks
  • Apollo: refactoring known issues, such as nametags, etc.

Release for 07-Dec-2021

  • User Interface fixes to cancel transfers
  • Fixes for the initiation of nested workers and the API call for apprun worker limits
  • Monthly Security patches
  • Apollo: fixes for zero length files, security patches to packages and libraries

Release 30-Nov-2021

  • Button changes on the Web User Interface
  • Throttling renabled, refactoring of known issues

Release for 16-Nov-2021

  • Complete migration of the UI to React 17 with UI changes to the Data manager, removal of the Global Search button
  • Refactoring of known issues, such as fixes to watermarks, etc.

Release for 9-Nov-2021

  • Additional metrics for spinup and interval time for instances
  • User Interface infrastructure updates to React 17
  • Infrastructure consolidation for load balancing
  • Security patching
  • Apollo: refactoring of known issues

Release for 26-Oct-2021

  • Org Admin can view each org member's userID and email address
  • Refactoring minor bugs, including fixing timoues and fixes to allow additional flexibility for UKB dispensals
  • Apollo: Refactoring known issues

Release for 19-Oct-2021

  • UI fix to https workers
  • Refactoring of many reported UI issues
  • Refactoring of unarchive issues
  • Org Manager can access the org user's email addresses
  • Refactoring of the UKB rate card
  • Self-service billing for UKB RAP and PayGo customers only
  • Apollo: no release

Release for 05-Oct-2021

  • Monthly Security Patching
  • Deprecation of Global Search
  • Apollo: no release

Release for 28-Sep-2021

  • Refactoring of CloudManager
  • Additional heartbeat monitoring of the infrastructure
  • Refactoring of user interface issues
  • Apollo: Refactoring of known lissues and updating the version of tRNA to feed Apollo

Release for 21-Sep-2021

  • Changes to timeout on instance re-use
  • Updates to the billing daemons
  • Updates on data withdraw and refresh process
  • Moving infrastructure components to node.js v12
  • Apollo: Update of Spark to support v3.1.2 and fixes to database pointers
  • Apollo available in AWS-Frankfurt

Release for 14-Sep-2021

  • Additional logging for cluster jobs
  • Added additional time for reserve instances
  • Efficiency enhancements for listing projects
  • User Interface fixes to reported bugs
  • Chef upgrade on the infrastructure
  • Apollo: Deprecation of the legacy chort browser, efficiency enhancements of Spark and other fixes.

Release for 31-Aug-2021

  • Updates to Job Manager and Cloud Manager
  • Refactoring of issues on the User Interface
  • Apollo: refactoring of filter parameters, UI and Spark 3.x upgrades

Release for 24-Aug-2021

  • Audit logging updates
  • Refactoring of the User Interface issues
  • Sendgrid changes for event-based email notifications
  • Apollo: refactoring reported issues

Release for 17-Aug-2021

  • London region archiving
  • Refactoring of emall alerts
  • Code efficiencies pertaining to audit trail generation
  • Efficiencies added to the backend code to allow more efficient list of projects.
  • Apollo: refactoring known issues, efficiency enhancements and deprecation of the legacy Cohort browser

Release for 10-Aug-2021

  • Cloud Manager caching implemented in regions that use autoscaling
  • Refactoring of internal database to increase efficiency
  • Opening AWS region in London, will be visible on the user interface and rate cards in UK currency
  • Internal Splunk updated to v8.1.5
  • OpenJDK v11 updated on Ubuntu 18.04 AMIs
  • Apollo: No Release

Release for 03-Aug-2021

  • Switch to the Pannexin User Interface only
  • Data master fixes in the User Interface
  • Query optimizations
  • Internal migration of the org-specific audit logs to a more efficient process
  • Apollo: Refactoring of error messages, UI fixes to gene filter parsing an semiphore fixes for API calls

Release for 27-Jul-2021

  • Reset job fix
  • jQuery update
  • Master Daata UI fixes
  • lambda functions update
  • increase Cloud Manager Resilience
  • Apollo: Refactoring known inssues, including updates for code efficiencies and documentation

Release for 20-Jul-2021

  • Restart job fix
  • Internal update of jQuery to v3.6.0
  • Monthly vulnerability patching implemented in production
  • Apollo: Refactoring of known issues, including some minor refactor of UI for efficiencies

Release for 13-Jul-2021

  • Additions to ProjectDescribe API to include ranking field
  • Visualization tab of the User Interface will be migrated to the newer version (Pannexin)
  • Job Manager efficiences

Release for 29-Jun-2021

  • Archive API updates
  • Platform refactoring: Fixes to the User Interface and error handling when project files do not exist
  • UUbuntu 12.04 and 14.04 instances will be deprecated. Workers using Ubuntu from 16.04 to 20.04 will continue to be supported.
  • Apollo: Refactoring of R functionality and fixes to license checks

Release for 22-Jun-2021

  • Updates to the billing page
  • Fix to the GetDetails call, handling of incorrect API calls and code efficiencies
  • Updating API servers to Ubuntu 18.04, security patching of infrastructure
  • Fixes to getFileStatusURL, verify all filter values in an array, fixes in the data picker, fixes in the histogram functionality

Release for 15-Jun-2021

  • Upgrade of the dependencies of the Auth Server
  • Titan bugfixes
  • Org Page UI changes
  • Apollo: UI fixes

Release for 08-Jun-2021

  • Refactoring for handling regions, fixes on cost limits, fixed prioritization and long-term fix for watermarking
  • Egress Reporting
  • Apollo: refactoring issues
  • Apollo: TABBY release - moving sections to multiple tabs

Release for 25-May-2021

  • Fixes on Rush.js project dependencies
  • Correction of defects in the JobManager and JobEvents
  • DBCluster updates to the latest TypeScript
  • React.js library upgrade, which may have slightly changes to the visual appearance as well as possibly behavior changes
  • Corrections to UserDescribe functionality
  • Fixes FileStatus calls, changes for efficiency of filesystem calls, tuning cache sizes

Release for 18-May-2021

  • Minor AMI changes for logging
  • Revert of egress accounting change and some watermark functionality
  • Additional information from file describe on watermarked files
  • Functionality to allow org-admins to share projects across orgs
  • dxcompile support for bash variables
  • Ubuntu 14.04 deprecated
  • Apollo: Fixing the total count number when multiple alleles are involved, performance enhancement on the underlying database access methods

Release for 11-May-2021

  • Job re-use with watermarking
  • Cloud Manager updates
  • Increase granularity in egress billing
  • Apollo: fixes of known issues, such as retry logic on read conditions and efficiency changes in the User Interface

Release for 04-May-2021

  • Updates to the DBcluster monitoring process
  • Re-deployment of dl-proxy modules to support ungraded infrastructure
  • Application context ID now included in the profiled projects, workers handle watermarked APIs, etc.
  • Implementing monthly vulnerability patching
  • Apollo: Fixes of known issues within Apollo, including data filter conditions and fixes to the Locus filter

Release for 27-Apr-2021

  • Refactoring of watermarking code to address issues
  • Refactoring of code performing bulk calls to reduce the volume of information returned
  • Updated the user experience (UI) with a new root component error page. Formerly, an error would show a blank screen when the worker crashed.
  • Implement Apollo on Azure West-US

Release for 20-Apr-2021

  • DBCluster services were updated to be more efficient.
  • Okta updates on dependencies
  • Fixes to the autoscaling of the Cloudmanager infrastructure
  • Fixes to the timestamps on expired/destroyed containers to integrate correctly in the metadata database
  • Expanded IP range on workers
  • PHI flag implemented on Azure
  • Implemented the 2FA authentication in the pannexin code (formerly only on the membrane UI code)
  • Apollo: Updates to the metadata connect functionality
  • Apollo: Fixes with the concurrency issues with API calls
  • Apollo: Efficiency updates to reduce the number of API calls

Release for 13-Apr-2021

  • Fix to allow UKB RAP users to download from multiple resources
  • Continued rollout of v6 to v12 upgrades to node.js in the APIproxy and CloudManager infrastructure
  • Updates to allow the cloud manager to handle tagged AMIs
  • Efficiency changes to the APIserver from the Monitor tab. UI fixes to the cohort browser where screen disappears and table crashes
  • All AMIs on AWS will be Ubuntu 18.04. AMI updates on Azure will come later. Older AMIs will continue to be supported
  • Apollo: Updates to the Vizserver to more efficiently use the API server and efficiencies implemented on the monitor badges.
  • Apollo: Resolved access issues to non-DNAnexus S3 buckets.
  • Apollo: Added DXDATA_CREATE_COHORT functionality to the product.

Release for 06-Apr-2021

  • Fix to userDescribe functionality
  • Fix to DBClusters
  • Okta SCIM update
  • Vulnerability patching
  • Refactoring of SSO token exchange
  • Apollo: Resolving issues accessing data in public S3 buckets, fixes for the data filters, and increased the efficiency of displaying tables in the User Interface

Release for 30-Mar-2021

  • Refactoring user describe functionality to provide greater visbility to the org-admin
  • Refactoring of minor User interface bugs
  • Apollo: Minor fixes to the filters

Release for 23-Mar-2021

  • Refactoring of the watermarking and UKB withdraws