Release Notes

Get details on new features, changes, and bug fixes for each Platform and toolkit release.

No Release for 20-Feb-2024

Release on 13-Feb-2024

  • Security patching of Docker containers and EC2 instances
  • Fixes to dbcluster pricing and project spend limits
  • Updated dx-py version in workers
  • Apollo: No release

Release on 06-Feb-2024

  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • UI fixes when deleting > 10,000 files in a folder and the obscured "New Folder" in some menus
  • Fixes to user initiated withdrawals, fixes to watermarking, fixes of the email notificationb of spend limits, fixes to dbcluster billing, and fixes to project archiving when the project contains many files.
  • Apollo: Fixes in the Azure directories for Azure instances.

Release for 23-Jan-2024

  • Security patching of Docker containers and EC2 instances
  • Fixes billing for DBclusters
  • Efficient implementation on watermarking

Release for 9-Jan-2024

  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • Spending limit changes
  • Job Log forwarding (licenced customers only)
  • Apollo: Vizserver security patching

Release for 19-Dec-2023

  • Vulnerability patching of Docker containers and EC2 containers
  • Bugfixes APIproxy, containter cleanup, and project spending limit.
  • Implement the foundation code for user initiatived withdrawals.
  • Changes to increase efficiency of the watermarketing processes
  • Apollo: Security patching of SDKs

Release for 12-Dec-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers
  • Fixes to the details execution page and fileviewers on the UI, fixes to the global workflow, fixes in the API proxy
  • Apollo: bugfixes calculation of the cohort allele frequency in the Cohort Browser for genomic data wihtout linking to primary pheno entity

Release for 05-Dec-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers
  • Fixes to the user interfaces to allow fileview to work in all browsers (due to security changes within certain browsers)
  • Fixes and additional parallelization of data dispensal streams
  • Fixes to the details execution page in the user interface
  • Apollo: fixes to the data-clearcach on the vizserver API

Release for 28-Nov-2023

  • Security patching for Docker containers
  • "Look and feel" user interface changes on the execution details view
  • Titan: fixes to the 30-day worker limitation and fixes to the project spending limits

Release for 14-Nov-2023

  • Security patching for Docker containers, EC2 instances and patching minor versions of dependent libraries
  • Command line access to expression assay model for RNAseq and molecular expression data
  • Apollo: Updating the rounding algorithm in the Spark databases for increased scientific accuracy. This may impact the bins for the histogram of the Cohort Browser

Release for 07-Nov-2023

  • Security patching for Docker containers
  • Titan: fixes in data despensals, project spend limit enforcemen t and UI fixes in the workflow diagrams
  • Apollo: Fixes error messages arising from the vizserver API

Release for 31-Oct-2023

  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • Titan fixes to provider describe functions, fixes to the scalability of the dispenals microserver, fixes to the execution details display, fixes to the watermarking function and fixes to the metadata capacity lambda
  • Apollo Application: Somatic Variant UI - initial release of the user interface for the somatic Variant query/visualization app
  • Apollo: scaleability changes to enhance the responses for queries

Release for 24-Oct-2023

  • Vulnerability patching of Docker containers
  • Deprecation of the DNA_CLI_APP_RUN_DOCKER_CONTAINERS functionality
  • Watermark enhancements, UI cleanup, efficiency improvements, and correction of the spinning DNAnexus logo
  • Apollo: Enable search of a minimum of 2 characters (instead of 3) in the cohort browser

Release for 17-Oct-2023

  • Vulnerability patching of Docker instances and EC2 systems
  • Fine tuning of spend limit controls, fixes to project list folder displays
  • Apollo: expanding the scope of watrermarking, security patches, library upgrades

Release for 03-Oct-2023

  • Security patching of Docker containers for new vulnerabilities
  • Updating the security ciphers for nginx services
  • Bugfixes for project spend reporting, project relationship reporting, job reporting and projectrename folder issues
  • Apollo: Security upgrade of underlying open source libraries. Bugfixes for microservice code and regex for special character scanning.

Release for 25-Sep-2023

  • Security patching of EC2 instances and Docker containers for new vulnerabilities
  • Fixes of project spend limit reporting, access to restricted jobs, and fixes to storage accounting
  • Apollo: removal of deprecated security ciphers

Release for 12-Sep-2023

  • Security patching of Docker containers for new vulnerabilities
  • Fixes to the deletion queue services
  • Apollo: Vizserver fixes

Release for 29-Aug-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers and lambdas
  • Expansion of the security ciphers for data in transit to includ 1.2 and 1.3
  • Titan: Fixes to project spending limit reporting, dbclusters
  • Apollo: upgrade to SQLAlchemy 1.4 and optimizations on the query builder for somatic variant analysis.

Release for 22-Aug-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers and lambdas
  • Support for canonical transcript annotation
  • Efficiency optimization for the object deletion process, replacing open source code that is reaching end of life
  • Apollo: internal changes to support new internal digital signatures (Supply Chain related)

Release for 15-Aug-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers
  • Disallowed executables will not disable any workflows containing these disallowed executables
  • Fixes in the UI for Tool Runner
  • Apollo: Performance enhancements for the Vizserver

Release for 08-Aug-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers for new vulnerabilities
  • Fixes to long running jobs logs, refactoring logic for email arising from job notificiations and minor UI fixes

Release for 01-Aug-2023

  • Vulnerability patching for Docker containers for new vulnerabilities
  • Fixes for orphan projects, access to long running jobs, and minor UI fixes
  • Apollo: security patching of libraries

Release for 25-Jul-2023

  • Vulnerability patches for Docker containers for new vulnerabilities
  • Fixes to airlock, granular long job notifications, access to long running jobs, fixes to spending limit controls and fixes for the file closer lambda
  • Fixes to the Tool Runner UI for WDL workflows

Release for 18-Jul-2023

  • Patching known vulnerabilities in Docker containers and EC2 instances, workers, etc.
  • Fixeds to the authentication token deleter and enforcement of egress limits
  • Support for canonical transcripts, genomic data loading for somatic variants, CLI access for the somatic assay model. Project Level Usage Reports (limited release)
  • Apollo fixes for: updated generates SQL queries and other fixes.

Release for 11-Jul-2023

  • Patching known vulnerabilities in Docker containers
  • Batch runner and Tool Runner update on the web interface, resulting in a significant change in the UI and behavior
  • Updated worker toolkits
  • Project spend limitation reporting (licensed feature)
  • Bugfixes in org-admin notifications, Azure cloud manager and other bugfixes

Release for 27-Jun-2023

  • Patching known vulnerabilities in Docker containers for new vulnerabilities
  • Fixes to egress and compute charge reporting
  • Fixes to job restart functionality and long running job notifications
  • Apollo: fixes to enforce the 5 minute query timeouts

Release for 20-Jun-2023

  • Airlock functionality added for Trusted Research Environments (TREs)
  • Bug fixes to job restarts, project spend processes and fixes to the back button of the Community Portal
  • Increase the size of the job log from 2M to 4M
  • Security patches to Docker containers for new vulnerabilities
  • Apollo: minor bug fixes in the somatic variant functionality and error reporting

Release for 13-Jun-2023

  • Security patching of vulnerabilities on Docker containers and EC2 instances
  • Detailed job metrics (limited release through the balance of the year)
  • Apollo: bugfixes and infrastructure upgrades. Support for multi-assay support for Genetic Variant assays

Release for 06-Jun-2023

  • Security patching for Docker containers
  • Better error messaging for users authenticating via SSO
  • Project admins will be notified via email when their project has crossed thresholds of metadata capacity
  • Preserve intermediate job outputs to aid in error tracking
  • Fixes to job restart issues, better error mesages

Release for 23-May-2023

  • Security patching for Docker containers
  • Fix for Community UI - after 15 minute timeout, the user is correctly redirected to the Community login page
  • Apollo: Deprecate the apps association loader feature, extend the timeout for complext data fetches to 5 minutes

Release for 16-May-2023

  • Security patching for Docker containers, lambdas and EC2 instances
  • Fixes to cloud manager and UI redirect issues
  • Apollo: support for large scale database operations (important for handling WGS data)

Release for 09-May-2023

  • Security patching Docker containers
  • Titan: fixes to known issues
  • Apollo: fixes to issues, such as internal ID, return timeout errors from long running data fetches to vizserver

Release for 25-Apr-2023

  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • Continuing the migration of the DNS to AWS' Route53, refactoring known issues
  • Apollo: fixes to the query builder

Release for 18-Apr-2023

  • Security patching of Docker containers and applications
  • Changes in the EBS swap volume with gp2 and SSD instances to fix known issues
  • Apollo: fixes to the vizserver to allow more database access

Release for 04-Apr-2023

  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • Ubuntu 22.04 AMIs available on both AWS and Azure execution planes
  • Apollo: upgrades to the Spark server and related package updates

Release for 28-Mar-2023

  • Deprecating Javascript monitoring
  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • Changes to the User Interface to become CWAG 2.0 AA compliant
  • Apollo: refactoring known issues, including large query handling by default

Release for 21-Mar-2023

  • Refactoring of the asynchronous archive services
  • Refactoring of the job re-use and support workflow (e.g., WDL)
  • Apollo: Refactoring of the geno filters for the command line interface

Release for 14-Mar-2023

  • Security patching for Docker and VMs
  • Refactoring of job restart, asyncrhonous archival and UI backend changes
  • Apollo: Spark server upgrades, Python upgrades

Release for 07-Mar-2023

  • Security patching on Docker containers and lambdas
  • Fixes for job preservation functionality

Release for 28-Feb-2023

  • Security patching for Docker container, lambdas and Ubuntu instances
  • Fixes to the Titan file uploader and cosmetic changes to the UI in the input components
  • Apollo: deprecation of the Association Browser

No Release for 21-Feb-2023

Release for 14-Feb-2023

  • Monthly security patching for Ubuntu instances, patching of vulnerabilities for Docker containers and AWS lambdas
  • Migration of platform service instances from Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 or 20.04 when not possible to fully migrate
  • UI fix to SSO users who are confronted with separate MFA prompt
  • Apollo: fix issues in dxfuse

Release for 07-Feb-2023

  • Granular wait time for spot instances for workflows (subscriber licensees only)
  • Docker container security patching
  • Refactoring of job refuse to support workflows (e.g., WDL)
  • Refactoring of known issues in Titan including s3deleter, spot granlarity issues, expansion of the metadata capacity in the describe API call, UI fixes to SSO users
  • Refactor of known issues in the initial login of the thrift cluster, more granularity in log reporting

Release for 31-Jan-2023

  • Patching of Docker container vulnerabilities
  • Titan: Fixes to the UI and s3deleter functionality
  • Apollo: fixes to enforcing region boundaries and API proxy issues

Release for 24-Jan-2023

  • Workflow Job Reuse will be deprecated completely, replaced with functionality elsewhere
  • Change GiB to GB e in the job disk comparison
  • Added new functionality to Titan, specifically:
    • DNA_API_PROVIDER_PERMISSION_RESTRICTIONS - Project/org restrictions should be enforced based on the provider constraint options choice
    • DNA_API_PROVIDER_DATA_CLONING_RESTRICTIONS - User is not able to clone data from restricted to unrestricted project or from restricted to restricted project with different studyID
    • DNA_API_PROVIDER_JOB_RESTRICTIONS - Restriction on building tools into the project from the user's computer or analyses
  • FastQC app (v2.2.3 and earlier) is deprecated
  • NextFlow - GA to a limited set of users
  • Added new functionality to Apollo, specifically:
    • TIP_DATA_ACCESS_PROJECT_RESTRICTIONS - The system can limit users access to data based on project settings and license
    • TIP_DATA_DISPENSAL - User is able to create project containing data specified by studyID

Release for 10-Jan-2023

  • New Titan Functionality
    • DNA_API_INTERNET_JOB_RESTRICTIONS - Data providers are able restrict the internet access for jobs running in Trusted Research Environment (TRE) projects in order to prevent egress of sensitive data from the TRE
    • DNA_API_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_RESTRICTIONS - Project admin is able to restrict users ability to upload data into trusted research environment (TRE) projects outside of the jobs running in the TRE
    • DNA_GUI_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_ACCESS_RESTRICTED - User is not able to upload files into the External Upload restricted project
    • DNA_GUI_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_ALLOWED_FILE_UPLOAD - User is able to upload files into the External Upload allowed project
    • DNA_GUI_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_PROJECT_SETTING - User can change External Upload Access setting
    • DNA_GUI_JUPYTERLAB_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_RESTRICTED - External upload options are not available in JupyterLab job running over the External Upload restricted project
    • DNA_API_OFH_PROJECT_CREATE - User is able to create new project with data dispense or without data dispense option
    • DNA_GUI_OFH_PROJECT_CREATE - User is able to create new project with data dispense or without data dispense option
    • DNA_GUI_OFH_CREATE_ACCOUNT - User is able to create new account via OFH Landing page
    • DNA_GUI_OFH_USER_ASSOCIATION - User is able to make association of DNAnexus and AMS account
    • DNA_GUI_OFH_USER_2FA - User is prompted to set 2FA and it is not possible to remove it
    • DNA_GUI_OFH_USER_BILLING_INFO - User has XX GBP billing trial balance and default region is Azure OFH-TRE (London) after successful association
  • G5 GPU workers available in specific cloud
  • Apollo bug fixes: Fix for license and region checks
  • New Apollo Functionality
    • TIP_JOB_INTERNET_RESTRICTION - The system is able to restrict internet access in worker jobs
    • TIP_EXTERNAL_UPLOAD_RESTRICTIONS - Upload restricted projects have limited access
  • Titan bug fixes: Updates for the API server and Azure Cloud Manager. Fix of granularity for spot instances, fix of race condition for hard links updates; archival state fixes
  • Docker Container vulnerability patching

Release for 13-Dec-2022

  • DNAnexus is on AWS' Marketplace, so if you have AWS-issued credits, you can consume them via this mechanism!
  • Vulnerability patching of worker AMIs and Docker containers
  • Fixes to the external uploader restrictions, code cleanup
  • Apollo: Fixes to the Visualisation Server and API server. Cleanup of error messages

Release for 06-Dec-2022

  • Vulnerability remediation of Docker vulnerabilities
  • Completion of the annual SSL cert rotation
  • Apollo: fixes to the metastore, fixes to the clipboard functionality in the visualization module and other bugfixes

Release for 29-Nov-2022

  • Complete migration to new SSL certificates throughout the infrastructure
  • Bugfixes for billing, upload restrictions and SSO logins will no longer be redirected to the Project Page
  • Apollo: fixes to encryption of upload URLs in the API proxy and other minor fixes

Release for 15-Nov-2022

  • Security patching of the Titan User interface
  • Upgrading upload restrictions at the project level
  • Patching Docker containers to address new vulnerabilities
  • Apollo: updating SSL certs and refacting app interactions

Release for 08-Nov-2022

  • Docker security patching and hardening
  • User Interface security patching
  • Apollo: bugfixes, library updates, security patching

Release for 01-Nov-2022

  • Update OpenSSL v3 to 3.0.7 patch level
  • Patching Docker containers and CIS level 1 hardening
  • Fixes of known Titan issues
  • Apollo: bugfixes to known issues.

Release for 25-Oct-2022

  • Code optimization, bugfixes in the User Interface
  • Vulnerability patching for docker containers
  • Apollo: fix API proxy issues, regex fixes for routes and other fixes.

Release for 18-Oct-2022

  • Security patching of operating system and Docker containers
  • Additional Nextflow functionality added to Titan and Apollo

Release for 04-Oct-2022

  • Bugfixes to Titan and Apollo
  • Docker vulnerability patching

Release for 27-Sep-2022

  • Fix for 2FA prompt for existing SSO accounts
  • Fix for Jupyter Notebook calls
  • Fix to block archiving of object linked to applets
  • Vulnerability patching of Docker containers
  • Apollo: upgrades to the internal cache and related internal upgrades

Release for 20-Sep-2022

  • Filecloser, asynchronous archival function, and API proxy bug fixes
  • Internal upgrades of the metadata database
  • Apollo: fixes to the cohort browser and fixes to internal API routes

Release for 13-Sep-2022

  • End-to-end FIPS 140-2 validated ciphers within the FedRAMP boundary
  • Bugfixes to the authentication server
  • Apollo: bugfixes to known issues

Release for 23-Aug-2022

  • Hardening of routes behind the User Interface
  • Vulnerability patches to the Docker containers
  • Apollo: Additional granularity to the logging and billing. Cleanup of error messages.

Release for 16-Aug-2022

  • Added Monitoring and Restriction Controls regarding download and egress, ability to preview, IP addresses of users, etc.
  • Bug fixes on streams containing gzipped files
  • Apollo: Fixes to the 30K cohort browser encoding

Release for 09-Aug-2022

  • Complete migration to OpenSSL v3
  • New functionality to restrict IP domains for certain API calls
  • Updates to the NVIDIA drivers for GPU users
  • Increase the partition sizes for LXC
  • Security patching of Docker Containers
  • Apollo: Restrictions to downloads from Apollo

Release for 02-Aug-2022

  • Security patching for Docker Container vulnerabilities
  • Usage report fixes
  • Hardening of routes in the User Interface
  • Increases in timeout period for dxproxy
  • Apollo: enhanced CLI based querying, fixes to HDFS filesystem

Release for 26-Jul-2022

  • Upgrade the metadata database to Mongo 4.4
  • Upgrade node.js to v14
  • fixes to Archiving in AWS regions
  • Apollo: no release

Release for 19-Jul-2022

  • LXC filesystem limit increased
  • Monthly security patching
  • Upgrade for SSO users who switch accounts
  • Apollo: CLI based data querying

Release for 12-Jul-2022

  • Security patching of Docker containers
  • User Interface self-service billing functionality
  • Improved clinical data ingestion experience
  • Apollo: Refactoring of VizServer

Release for 28-Jun-2022

  • Fix of the "create" functionality of DBCluster (AWS deprecated previous engine on 25-Jun-2022)
  • Refactoring of user interface issues
  • Patching security vulnerabilities of EC2 and Docker containers
  • Refactoring issues of the cloud manager on Azure
  • Apollo: Enhance validations and experience around ingesting clinical data

Release for 14-Jun-2022

  • Internal refactoring of reported issues
  • End-to-End FIPS 140-2 validated encryption throughout Titan
  • Vulnerability patching of Docker containers
  • Apollo: refactoring user interface issues

Release for 07-Jun-2022

  • Vulnerability patching for images and Docker Containers
  • Titan new functionality: DNA_API_ORG_REPORT_HISTORICAL_CHARGES
  • Apollo new functionality:
  • Apollo: fixes on Azure deployment; upgrades to the Spark engine.

Release for 23-May-2022

  • Updates to the internal CloudManager and fixes to microservices
  • Vulnerability patching of images and Docker containers
  • UI fixes

Release for 17-May-2022

  • Refactoring of multiple analyses workflows, more info on the spending limits and updates to the cookie notice
  • Security patching of the underlying operating systems and worker AMIs
  • Apollo: no release

Release for 10-May-2022

  • FIPS 140-2 encryption implemented for uploading/downloading from the storage plane
  • Apollo: no release

Release for 03-May-2022

  • Minor fixes and normal vulnerability patching of the User Interfaces and supporting libraries
  • Apollo: minor fixes, including the ability to query without a primary key

Release for 26-Apr-2022

  • Security updates for the infrastructure
  • Backend fixes to support upgrading the metadata database software version upgrades
  • Apollo: Enhancements of existing functionalities to ease the creation of mixing multiple cohorts

Release for 12-Apr-2022

  • Restrictions for SSH functionality
  • Refactoring of known issues related to container cleanup, caching, etc.
  • Apollo: Ability to export up to 200 columns in a table; UI fixes

Release for 05-Apr-2022

  • Tuning to optimize workflow runs
  • Updates to the documentation pages of the applications
  • UI fixes to show app versions in descending order, other minor UI fixes
  • Apollo: refactoring of known issues in the user interface

Release for 29-Mar-2022

  • Order pending jobs by rank
  • Node.js updates
  • Tuning of the thrift server throughput; facilitate the combination of cohorts in the cohort browser.

Release for 22-Mar-2022

  • Fixes to known issues, such as a fix to the scope of unarchiving to better control the scope, updated the internationalization library (fixes for text fields in the UI).
  • Apollo: Refactoring of issues with field mapping and support for ordered fields.

Release for 15-Mar-2022

  • Refactoring the User Interface to address issues, including moving the workflow input to the Project workflow pages.
  • Fixes to the unarchiving functionality, tighter control of scope of the unarchiving
  • Apollo: Refactoring of issues arising from the visualization APIs

Release for 08-Mar-2022

  • Refactoring known issues in the dbcluster, internal changes to FIPS 140-2 validated ciphers, Cloud Manager, fixes to the app updater when archive resources are involved, etc.
  • Updates to community portals - caching is now disabled
  • Apollo: Refactoring of the issue involving model input.

Release for 01-Mar-2022

  • Vulnerability patching of operating systems
  • Fixes to code compatibility to rush.js
  • Support ticket generation will be tagged with the Platform page of origin
  • Apollo: Enhanced support for bulk RNAseq data in a dataset
  • Apollo: Security and version number upgrades of servers
  • Apollo: Removal of autoloading a chart, so the user will be prompted to generate the chart

Release for 15-Feb-2022

  • Implemented FIPS 140-2 validated endpoints for archival functions
  • Bugfixes, such as issues reported in unarchiving function and email org_invite function
  • Updating reCaptcha functionality
  • Apollo: Added functionality to allow a user to incorporate Molecular Expression data into a dataset
  • Apollo: Fixes to issues in Thrift and VizServer.

Release for 08-Feb-2022

  • Update to Node.js v12 for the infrastructure
  • Backend updates to rush.js version in some of the lambdas, revising metadata sharding approach, updates to s3_deleter and minor bugfixes to the User Interface
  • Apollo: Address known bugs, including limiting the number of tiles in the dashboard to a maximum of 15

Release for 01-Feb-2022

  • Bug fixes on job restarts, rush.js updates and increased granularity of data in the audit trail
  • Apollo: in addition to bugfixes, the following functionality was added: TIP_APPS_CLINICAL_DATASET_MERGER - Users will be able to merge phenotypic datasets and TIP_APPS_ASSAY_DATASET_MERGER - Users will be able to merge an assay dataset and a phenotypic dataset

Release for 25-Jan-2022

  • Update of security patches of identified vulnerabilities
  • Spend limit enforcements
  • Enhancements for job filters
  • Updates to the email filters
  • Apollo: fixes to address solution-exception messages, fixes of the update API calls, and removal of blank pages in the User Interface

Release for 11-Jan-2022

  • Service Provider Single Sign On (SSO)
  • User Interface fixes
  • CloudManager enhancements (internal)
  • Apollo: updates and fixes of reported issues

Release for 14-Dec-2021

  • Fixes to Cloud Manager, visibility into the org license for the org-admins
  • Remove all Ubuntu 16.04 instances from production. Ubuntu 16.04 is available at the app level
  • UI fixes to the monitor pages; improve state transition with regard to Jupyter Notebooks
  • Apollo: refactoring known issues, such as nametags, etc.

Release for 07-Dec-2021

  • User Interface fixes to cancel transfers
  • Fixes for the initiation of nested workers and the API call for apprun worker limits
  • Monthly Security patches
  • Apollo: fixes for zero length files, security patches to packages and libraries

Release 30-Nov-2021

  • Button changes on the Web User Interface
  • Throttling renabled, refactoring of known issues

Release for 16-Nov-2021

  • Complete migration of the UI to React 17 with UI changes to the Data manager, removal of the Global Search button
  • Refactoring of known issues, such as fixes to watermarks, etc.

Release for 9-Nov-2021

  • Additional metrics for spinup and interval time for instances
  • User Interface infrastructure updates to React 17
  • Infrastructure consolidation for load balancing
  • Security patching
  • Apollo: refactoring of known issues

Release for 26-Oct-2021

  • Org Admin can view each org member's userID and email address
  • Refactoring minor bugs, including fixing timoues and fixes to allow additional flexibility for UKB dispensals
  • Apollo: Refactoring known issues

Release for 19-Oct-2021

  • UI fix to https workers
  • Refactoring of many reported UI issues
  • Refactoring of unarchive issues
  • Org Manager can access the org user's email addresses
  • Refactoring of the UKB rate card
  • Self-service billing for UKB RAP and PayGo customers only
  • Apollo: no release

Release for 05-Oct-2021

  • Monthly Security Patching
  • Deprecation of Global Search
  • Apollo: no release

Release for 28-Sep-2021

  • Refactoring of CloudManager
  • Additional heartbeat monitoring of the infrastructure
  • Refactoring of user interface issues
  • Apollo: Refactoring of known lissues and updating the version of tRNA to feed Apollo

Release for 21-Sep-2021

  • Changes to timeout on instance re-use
  • Updates to the billing daemons
  • Updates on data withdraw and refresh process
  • Moving infrastructure components to node.js v12
  • Apollo: Update of Spark to support v3.1.2 and fixes to database pointers
  • Apollo available in AWS-Frankfurt

Release for 14-Sep-2021

  • Additional logging for cluster jobs
  • Added additional time for reserve instances
  • Efficiency enhancements for listing projects
  • User Interface fixes to reported bugs
  • Chef upgrade on the infrastructure
  • Apollo: Deprecation of the legacy chort browser, efficiency enhancements of Spark and other fixes.

Release for 31-Aug-2021

  • Updates to Job Manager and Cloud Manager
  • Refactoring of issues on the User Interface
  • Apollo: refactoring of filter parameters, UI and Spark 3.x upgrades

Release for 24-Aug-2021

  • Audit logging updates
  • Refactoring of the User Interface issues
  • Sendgrid changes for event-based email notifications
  • Apollo: refactoring reported issues

Release for 17-Aug-2021

  • London region archiving
  • Refactoring of emall alerts
  • Code efficiencies pertaining to audit trail generation
  • Efficiencies added to the backend code to allow more efficient list of projects.
  • Apollo: refactoring known issues, efficiency enhancements and deprecation of the legacy Cohort browser

Release for 10-Aug-2021

  • Cloud Manager caching implemented in regions that use autoscaling
  • Refactoring of internal database to increase efficiency
  • Opening AWS region in London, will be visible on the user interface and rate cards in UK currency
  • Internal Splunk updated to v8.1.5
  • OpenJDK v11 updated on Ubuntu 18.04 AMIs
  • Apollo: No Release

Release for 03-Aug-2021

  • Switch to the Pannexin User Interface only
  • Data master fixes in the User Interface
  • Query optimizations
  • Internal migration of the org-specific audit logs to a more efficient process
  • Apollo: Refactoring of error messages, UI fixes to gene filter parsing an semiphore fixes for API calls

Release for 27-Jul-2021

  • Reset job fix
  • jQuery update
  • Master Daata UI fixes
  • lambda functions update
  • increase Cloud Manager Resilience
  • Apollo: Refactoring known inssues, including updates for code efficiencies and documentation

Release for 20-Jul-2021

  • Restart job fix
  • Internal update of jQuery to v3.6.0
  • Monthly vulnerability patching implemented in production
  • Apollo: Refactoring of known issues, including some minor refactor of UI for efficiencies

Release for 13-Jul-2021

  • Additions to ProjectDescribe API to include ranking field
  • Visualization tab of the User Interface will be migrated to the newer version (Pannexin)
  • Job Manager efficiences

Release for 29-Jun-2021

  • Archive API updates
  • Platform refactoring: Fixes to the User Interface and error handling when project files do not exist
  • UUbuntu 12.04 and 14.04 instances will be deprecated. Workers using Ubuntu from 16.04 to 20.04 will continue to be supported.
  • Apollo: Refactoring of R functionality and fixes to license checks

Release for 22-Jun-2021

  • Updates to the billing page
  • Fix to the GetDetails call, handling of incorrect API calls and code efficiencies
  • Updating API servers to Ubuntu 18.04, security patching of infrastructure
  • Fixes to getFileStatusURL, verify all filter values in an array, fixes in the data picker, fixes in the histogram functionality

Release for 15-Jun-2021