Row Chart

How to Build a Row Chart

A Row Charts can be built visualize categorical fields with a limited number of category items. You can recognize categorical fields by the
label in the field list.
Note that categorical fields with a hierarchical structure cannot be added as row charts. Both cases can be visualized as List Views instead.
Supported Field Types
<=20 Categories
Categorical Multi-Select
<=20 Categories
Note: Row Charts are not supported in Cohort Compare. In compare mode, row charts can be converted into List Views.

Using Row Chart in the Cohort Browser

Row Chart shows a row for each category, along with number of records within current cohort selection that fall under that category.
Below is an example Row Chart of data field: "Salt added to food", which has 5 categories. In current cohort selection of 100,000 participants, 27,979 participants have value "sometimes", which is 55.31% of the current cohort size.
Row chart: "Salt added to food"

Notes on Data Preparation

Ingestion Data Types supported as Row Chart:
    String Categorical
    String Categorical Sparse
    String Categorical Multi-select
    Integer Categorical
    Integer Categorical Multi-select
While preparing data, make sure sure categories are specified as codings, which allows them to be visualized correctly.
Note: While _sparse serial types can be visualized as row charts, non-encoded values are currently not supported by this chart type and thus will not appear as rows in the chart.
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