Within a project, each object has a name, which is a UTF-8 string which must not match the regular expression [\x00-\x1F] (i.e. non-printable characters like whitespace tabs and newlines are not allowed). Object names need not be unique within the same project.

The name of an object is returned by the "describe" method, and modified by the "rename" method.

API method: /class-xxxx/rename


Renames an existing object in the specified project.


  • project string ID of the project or container containing the object to be modified

  • name string The new name of the object


  • id string ID of the manipulated object


  • InvalidInput (the input is not a hash, project is missing or is not a string, name is missing or is an empty string or matches the regular expression [\x00-\x1F])

  • ResourceNotFound (the specified object does not exist, the specified project does not exist, or the specified project does not contain the specified object)

  • PermissionDenied (If the object is open, UPLOAD access is required, otherwise CONTRIBUTE access is required for the specified project)

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