Data Object Classes

There are several different data object classes in the DNAnexus API, each with their own set of API methods. All data objects also have the API methods described in the earlier section on Data Object Metadata.

The following data object classes are described in this section:

  • Records (record-xxxx): for storing only the standard metadata that is common to all data objects

  • Files (file-xxxx): for storing a flat file (an opaque array of bytes)

  • Databases (database-xxxx): for representing Spark databases on the platform

  • DBClusters (dbcluster-xxxx): for representing relational databases on the platform

The remaining classes of data objects are both executables and are described in later sections under Running Analyses:

  • Applets (applet-xxxx): an executable that can be used to perform data analysis on other data objects in the cloud

  • Workflows (workflow-xxxx): an executable that stores metadata about other executables that form a workflow or pipeline of data analysis to be performed

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