Stacked Row Chart

Learn to build and use stacked row charts in the Cohort Browser.

The Cohort Browser is accessible to all users of the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform and the Our Future Health Trusted Research Environment.

For DNAnexus Platform users, an Apollo license is required to access the Cohort Browser. Contact DNAnexus Sales for more information.

When to Use Stacked Row Charts

Stacked row charts can be used to compare the distribution of values in a field containing categorical data, across different groups in a cohort. In a stacked row chart, each such group is defined by its member sharing the same value in another field that also contains categorical data.

When creating a stacked row chart, note that:

  • Both the primary and secondary fields must contain categorical data

  • Both the primary and secondary fields must contain no more than 20 distinct category values

Supported Data Types

Primary Field

Secondary Field

Categorical multiple and categorical hierarchical data are not supported in stacked row charts.

Using Stacked Row Charts in the Cohort Browser

In the stacked row chart below, the primary field is VisitType, while DoctorType is the secondary field. In this chart, a cohort has been broken down into two groups, with the first sharing the value "Out-patient" in the VisitType field, while the second shares the value "In-patient."

The size of each bar, and the number to its right, indicate the total number of records in each group. In the chart below, for example, we see that 3,179 records contain the value "Out-patient" in the VisitType field.

Each bar contains a color-coded section indicating how many of the group's records contain a specific value in the secondary field. Hovering over one of these sections reveals how many records, within a particular group, share a particular value in the secondary field. In the chart below, for example, we see that 87 records in the first group share the value "specialist" in the DoctorType field.

Cohort Compare

Stacked row charts are not supported in Cohort Compare. Use a list view instead.

Preparing Data for Visualization in Stacked Row Charts

When ingesting data using Data Model Loader, note that the following data types can be visualized in stacked row charts:

  • String Categorical

  • String Categorical Sparse

  • Integer Categorical

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