Grouped Box Plot
Learn to create and use grouped box plots in the Cohort Browser.
An Apollo license is required to use the Cohort Browser. Contact DNAnexus Sales for more information.

How to Build a Grouped Box Plot

A grouped box plot can be built to visualize numerical field distributions across a series of categories. A grouped box plot can be built when combining one numerical field with one categorical field.
Dimension 1
Dimension 2
1x Categorical, or 1x Categorical Multiple (<=15 categories))
1x Numerical (integer), or 1x Numerical (float)

Using Grouped Box Plot in the Cohort Browser

In grouped box plot, each category from the categorical dimension is draw along the x axis as a single box plot, while the numerical dimension is rendered as the y axis.
Similar to box plots, when the numerical dimension used have non-numeric values, these values would be counted and displayed separately from the plot.
Grouped Box Plot: Coffee Type x Coffee Intake

Grouped Box Plots in Cohort Compare

In compare mode, box plots are further divided by each cohort under each category.
Grouped Box Plot in cohort compare mode
Box plots do not account for or display outliers.

Notes on Data Preparation

The following Ingestion Data Types are supported as categorical dimensions:
  • String Categorical
  • String Categorical Multi-Select
  • String Categorical Sparse
  • Integer Categorical
  • Integer Categorical Multi-Select
The following Ingestion Data Types are supported as numerical dimensions:
  • Integer
  • Integer Sparse
  • Float
  • Float Sparse
While sparse serial types are supported as categorical dimensions, the non-encoded values are not supported by this chart type. Special values in the numerical dimension will be counted and shown separately as a list view.