Grouped Box Plot

How to Build a Grouped Box Plot

A Grouped Box Plot can be built to visualize numerical field distributions across a series of categories. A grouped box plot can be built when combining one numerical field with one categorical field.
Dimension 1
Dimension 2
1x Categorical, or 1x Categorical Multiple (<=15 categories))
1x Numerical (integer), or 1x Numerical (float)

Using Grouped Box Plot in the Cohort Browser

In grouped box plot, each category from the categorical dimension is draw along the x axis as a single box plot, while the numerical dimension is rendered as the y axis.
Similar to Box Plots, when the numerical dimension used have non-numeric values, these values would be counted and displayed separately from the plot.
Grouped Box Plot: Coffee Type x Coffee Intake

Grouped Box Plot in Cohort Compare

In compare mode, box plots are further divided by each cohort under each category.
Grouped Box Plot in cohort compare mode
Note: that the box plot does NOT account for or display outliers. All non-null values are used for the display.

Notes on Data Preparation

Ingestion Data Types supported as categorical dimension:
    String Categorical
    String Categorical Multi-Select
    String Categorical Sparse
    Integer Categorical
    Integer Categorical Multi-Select
Ingestion Data Types supported as numerical dimension:
    Integer Sparse
    Float Sparse
Note: while sparse serial types are supported as categorical dimension, the non-encoded values are not supported by this chart type. Special values in the numerical dimension however will be counted and shown separately as a list view.
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