Learn about cohort objects and how they're constructed.

An Apollo license is required to use Apollo Datasets on the DNAnexus Platform. Org approval may also be required. Contact DNAnexus Sales for more information.

A cohort object is a record of type CohortBrowser that is used to represent a subset of data from a database defined by filters and/or query. The cohort record is mainly used to store cohorts of samples based on filters set by users in dashboards. The user needs to have access to the database referenced in the record's details to be able to explore data of the cohort.

A cohort includes:

  • Dashboard Layout Configuration - a set of configurations in place when the cohort was saved.

  • Dataset Link - a link to the dataset on top of which the cohort is linked.

  • Filter Object - a representation of all the cohort filter built.

    • Cohort SQL - a raw SQL representation of the cohort filter built.

  • Cohort Base SQL - any SQL added to the cohort that is applied before additional filters are added in the cohort browser.

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