Chart Types

Get an overview of the range of different charts you can build and use in the Cohort Browser.

The Cohort Browser is accessible to all users of the UK Biobank Research Analysis Platform and the Our Future Health Trusted Research Environment.

For DNAnexus Platform users, an Apollo license is required to access the Cohort Browser. Contact DNAnexus Sales for more information.

While working in the Cohort Browser, you can visualize data using a variety of different types of charts.

To visualize data stored in particular field, follow these directions to browse through the fields in a dataset, select one, then create a chart based on the values in the field. Note that when you select a field, the Cohort Browser will suggest a chart type to use, to visualize the type of data it contains. You can also create multi-variable charts, displaying data from two fields, to help clarify the relationship between the data stored in each.

Single-Variable Charts

The following single-variable chart types are available in the Cohort Browser:

Multi-Variable Charts

The following multi-variable chart types are available in the Cohort Browser:

When creating multi-variable charts using datasets that incorporate data related to multiple entities, the entity relationship between the selected data fields will affect chart type availability. In most cases, data fields related to the same entity, or data fields related to entities that in turn relate to one another in 1:1, N:1, or 1:N fashion, can be used together in a multi-variable chart.

Interpreting Chart Data

Chart Totals and Missing Data

In all charts used in the Cohort Browser, a chart total count is displayed under the chart's title. This figure represents the number of records for which data is displayed in the chart. The label - "Participants" in the chart shown below - indicates the entity to which the data relates.

This figure is not always the same as the number of records in the cohort.

In a single-variable chart, if the field in question, in a record, is empty or contains a null value, that record will not be included in the total, as its data can't be visualized. If any such records exist in the cohort, an "i" warning icon will appear next to the chart total figure. Hover over the icon to show a tooltip with information about records that aren't included in the total.

The same holds for multi-variable charts. If any record contains a null value in either of the selected fields, or if either field is empty, that record won't be included in the chart total count, as its data can't be visualized.

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